The Influence of Eschatology on Missions

The 19th century was the greatest century for missionary advance. The 20th century was the worst century of persecution. The role of Eschatology in Missions is foundational. The Father of Modern Missions, William Carey and the best friend Africa ever had, Dr. David Livingstone; indeed most of the missionaries of the 19th century were inspired by an eschatology of victory, The Puritan Hope, the conviction that God who gave the Great Commission would enable it to be fulfilled. This inspired the missionary pioneers of the 1800’s to endure incredible hardships and make sacrifices that transformed the world. The great missionary hymns – From Greenland’s Icy Mountains and Jesus Shall Reign, testify to the optimistic eschatology of victory which inspired the 19th century missionary pioneers to:

“Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!”

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