Gender Wars We will be discussing the radical gender wars being promoted especially on university campuses and in the media. The aggressive promotion ...View Details

Evaluating the Legacy of Robert Mugabe We will be discussing and critically evaluating the eulogies praising deceased dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbab...View Details

Understanding the World War of Worldviews Do you understand the World War of Worldviews? The Bible warns us: “See to it that no one takes you captiv...View Details

For Life and Liberty Former Military Hospital doctor, Dr. Jacques de Vos, has been charged by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) f...View Details

Understanding the Crisis Islamic Sudan has experienced a series of revolutions coup d'états and wars since it was granted independence, 1 January 195...View Details

The Great Commission is Our Supreme Ambition We will be discussing the Greatness of the Great Commission and how God has guided our Mission to seek to...View Details

Teaching Remote and Restricted Access Areas We will be discussing the desperate need for accessible Leadership Training throughout Africa and how urba...View Details

Exposing Human Trafficking As most Christians have retreated from social involvement, a great resurgence of paganism has taken place. The abolition of...View Details

Education Has Become a Battleground Anyone who believes that education can be neutral is mistaken. Ideas have consequences. Actions flow from thought ...View Details

Reformation or Revolution Last Sunday marked the 230th anniversary of the launch of the French Revolution. Many in France celebrated it as Bastille Da...View Details

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