From the Frontline: How the World War of Worldviews Affects Us We will be discussing the foundational importance of worldviews and how it helps us mak...View Details

From the Frontline: Creation Evangelism We will be interviewing Creation Science Engineer and Author, Dr. Philip Stott on How Christians should procla...View Details

Since 1991, Africa Christian Action has been involved in Biblical Worldview Summits. This year, 2021, not only marks the 30th anniversary of Africa Ch...View Details

Growing out of our Mission’s decades of boots-on-the-ground first-hand experience in the war zones and conflict areas of this world, we have seen the ...View Details

Without a clear purpose and aim to inspire one’s actions, a people, or nation, perish. This is the message of Proverbs 29:18. Do you have a vision of ...View Details

From the Frontline: The Missionary Legacy and Vision of Bill Bathman Surrounded as we are by such an inspiring legacy of missionary achievements, how ...View Details

From the Frontline: Do You Want to Change Your World? What is wrong with our world? More importantly, why are so many things going wrong? Is there an ...View Details

From the Frontline: Can We Trust the Experts? 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Over 3 billion people worldwide were placed on Lockdown because of ...View Details

From the Frontline: Can We Trust the Textbooks? Education has become a battleground. Anyone who believes that education can be neutral is mistaken. Id...View Details

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