Considering Home Education Join Lenora and I as we discuss how Home Education is Superior to State schooling. The Bible tells us that God seeks "godly...View Details

Livingstone Fellowship – 14 Years of God's Faithfulness 14 Years ago, Livingstone Fellowship was launched to provide teaching particularly for home ed...View Details

Macedonian Call and Miracles in Moruland 25 Years ago, Rev. Canon Kenneth Baringwa of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, gave me a Macedonian Call: “You m...View Details

Colour, Communism and Common Sense Hunter Combs and Rev. Steve Craft will discuss how Marxism has impacted the education, the culture and Churches of ...View Details

Oceans of Opportunity Calvin and I will discuss the recent visit of the Russian Federation Navy Battle Cruiser Marshall Ustinov in Table Bay Harbour a...View Details

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