From the Frontline: Time to Mobilise the Silent Majority It is disturbing that more than half of eligible voters do not bother to vote in either natio...View Details

From the Frontline: When Authorities Abuse How are we as Christians to respond when authorities abuse their power? What should we do when the protecto...View Details

From the Frontline: Secrets of Success and Seeds of Failure What are some of the Biblical principles that lead to success in life? What are some of th...View Details

From the Frontline: Life and Liberty Life and liberty are under attack as never before. The right to life of pre-born babies is being ignored by gover...View Details

From the Frontline: Mobilise Prayer and Action for the Persecuted Over 400 million Christians live in the 66 countries of the world which severely res...View Details

From the Frontline: 9/11 Terrorism, Afghanistan and the Biblical Solution This week we mark 20 years since the shocking terrorism that brought down th...View Details

From the Frontline: Building Bridges with Muslims How can we reach out cross-culturally to those from an Islamic background? Daniel and Hunter discuss...View Details

From the Frontline: Afghanistan – A Trail of Betrayal What is going on in Afghanistan? How are Christians in Afghanistan to survive in this very chaot...View Details

From the Frontline: Creative Evangelism in Streets, Shops and Suburbs How can we be more creative and effective in evangelism? How can we be more effe...View Details

From the Frontline: Understanding the Muslim Insider Movement With a longing to see Muslims come to Christ, there has been much discussion over how to...View Details

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