Racism, Riots and the Role of the Media In this last week, we have been subjected to mass media 24/7 hyper-focus on a horrifying incident in Minnesota...View Details

What Downton Abbey can Teach us about Civilization 100 Years AgoPlease tune in to the latest From the Frontline podcast:  How has the beauty, traditio...View Details

The Ascension Deals with Authority Why are so many things going wrong? Foundational truths have been ignored and vital pillars of Christian civilisati...View Details

REVOLUTIONARY GOALS Advanced by LOCKDOWN REGULATIONS National lockdowns are, in many cases, proving to be pretexts for establishing centrally-planned ...View Details

Biblical Economics and the Christian Work Ethic During this time of economic shutdown, recession and depression, it is important for us to remember th...View Details

Disagreement, Dissent and Discernment It is a mark of a healthy society when freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are respe...View Details

GOD'S LAW or CHAOS Yesterday, trucks loaded with food parcels for vulnerable communities were stoned and robbed in Cape Town’s Bonteheuwel. Lockdown h...View Details

Understanding and Redeeming the Times We will be discussing the momentous and world shaking events which Christians need to understand and respond to,...View Details

Passover, the Passion and Pandemic Panic We will be discussing how to celebrate Holy Week while in Lockdown. The main thing is to keep the main thing,...View Details

Lockdown and Liberty at Risk Join us as we explore the serious repercussions from the lockdown which now affects over 3 billion people worldwide. What...View Details

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