Reformation or Revolution Last Sunday marked the 230th anniversary of the launch of the French Revolution. Many in France celebrated it as Bastille Da...View Details

The Potential Power of a Bible Study and Prayer Fellowship 40 years ago, I stood up in a Chaplain’s service in the South African Infantry and asked ...View Details

Global Reformation Conference Is Revival the desire of your heart? Do you long to see God bless your country? Are you concerned about the state of bot...View Details

There is so much that we can learn from the Persecuted Church. Yes, they need our prayers and support. We are commanded: “Remember the prisoners as ...View Details

Dramatic Developments in Sudan After 30 years of brutal dictatorship, former “president,” Omar Al Bashir, appeared for the first time in public on...View Details

The Influence of Eschatology on Missions The 19th century was the greatest century for missionary advance. The 20th century was the worst century of p...View Details

Faith Missions on the Front LineIn 1865, Hudson Taylor launched the China Inland Mission, the first Interdenominational Faith Mission. Since then, man...View Details

Turning the Tide - EU Elections and Brexit There is much to report back on, the Back to the Bible for Reformation and Revival Conference in Cape Town,...View Details

In the 10/40 Window By God's grace, four Frontline Missionaries have safely returned from a massive Bible and school-textbook distribution mission beh...View Details

Hunger for Revival Is Revival the desire of your heart? Are you concerned about the state of both church and society at this time? Do you long to see ...View Details

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