From the Frontline: Setting the Captives Free Shockingly, Slavery is an ongoing reality today. At least 42 million people in the world are slaves at t...View Details

From the Frontline: Great Commission Course Testimonies Hear first-hand testimonies from Great Commission Course participants of evangelism encounters...View Details

From the Frontline: Confronting New Challenges As Frontline Fellowship looks back over 40 years in the field, what are some of the lessons that we nee...View Details

From the Frontline: Dedication and Courage “Only let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel of Christ… stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving ...View Details

From the Frontline: Faith and Firearms - The Biblical, Historical and Practical Basis for Self-defence How should Christians respond to tragic stories...View Details

From the Frontline: The Power of Pentecost This Sunday, 5 June is Pentecost Sunday. How important is it to observe a Christian calendar? What is the s...View Details

As I have just returned from Missions to Mpumalanga and KwaZulu there is much to report back on. What is the situation on the ground? What are the nee...View Details

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