Understanding the Crisis in Sudan Today

Tonight John and I will be discussing the turmoil, protests, violent crackdowns on dissent and military coup which has apparently removed dictator Omar al-Bashir from power. This officially ends 30 years of Omar al-Bashir’s dictatorship, the longest in recent Sudan history. There have been six Coup d'état/revolutions/violent changes of government in Sudan since the British left their protectorate at the end of 1955. Omar al-Bashir is the subject of international arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He is wanted for trial on war crimes and genocide committed in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan/the Nuba Mountains. Most importantly, how can we best pray and what can we practically do to help Christians under siege in Islamic Sudan?

“…Cush will submit herself to God.” 

Psalm 68:31

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