From the Frontline: Behind Enemy Lines for Christ

40 years ago Frontline Fellowship launched its first series of cross border missions into restricted access areas. What led to this initiative? What were the obstacles that needed to be overcome? What were the challenges facing churches in communist countries such as Mozambique and Angola in the 1980s? How was Frontline Fellowship able to serve these persecuted churches? What about the combatants, the soldiers and guerrillas on the various sides of these conflicts? How could one proclaim the Gospel to one's enemies in the middle of a war? What kind of reactions did we encounter when confronting communists with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? In Restricted Access Areas and war zones, there must be a lot that can go wrong. What kind of crisis situations did Frontline Fellowship have to confront in the field? What answers to prayer did our missionaries experience? How can missionary minded Christians of today evangelise in war zones? What lessons could they learn from the last 40 years of Frontline Fellowship’s ministry behind enemy lines? 

“Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already ripe for harvest!” 

John 4:35

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