Tonight Henry Morton Stanley School of Christian Journalism researcher, Emma Vaughan-Jones and Dr.Peter Hammond will be discussing

The Communist Strategy of a Two-Phase Revolution.

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was followed almost 20 years later by the Great Purge and Dekulakisation (land reform/farm invasions) which led to the Holodomor, with up to 11 million people dying of starvation and massacres as a result.

The Chinese Revolution: The Communist Revolution in Red China in 1949 was followed by a Second phase of the Revolution 1966 to 1976, which included massive seizure of property, public humiliation of religious and cultural leaders, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, hard labour and executions.

The Communist Revolution in Zimbabwe also followed a two phase revolution with the farm invasions (land reform policy) being launched approximately 20 years after Independence.

What does the future hold and what can be done to resist and derail this planned Second phase of the Revolution?

“Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Therefore the wrath of the Lord is upon you.”

2 Chronicles 19:2

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