From the Frontline: Celebrating 10 Years of South Sudan’s Independence

This Friday, 9 July, marks a monumental answer to prayer as South Sudanese celebrate the 10th anniversary of their successful struggle for self-determination and secession from the Arab North. It was a major victory against the oppressive Sharia Law of the National Islamic Front government of Sudan. 9 July, in South Sudan, marks a date with destiny. It celebrates the culminative result of many years of intensive prayer, worldwide publicity, international pressure and missionary partnership with courageous persecuted Christians in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains. The longest war, in the largest country, was concluded with an independent and free South Sudan which separated approximately one third of Sudan’s land surface into a new and independent state on 9 July 2011. How did this come about? What can we learn from how South Sudan became the 55th country in Africa and the 196th country in the world, the newest country to be internationally recognized?

“Cush will submit itself to God.”

Psalm 68:31

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