From the Frontline: Can You Trust the Government?

From so many directions, we are urged to trust the government. Not only for our physical security, but with the education of our children, with our physical health, on medical and scientific issues and in economics. Under the lockdown, we were expected to trust the government’s understanding of medical science and not question the severe disruption, suffocation and in many cases, destruction, of millions of jobs and our livelihoods. We were told to trust them with the billions of dollars in Covid Relief Solidarity Fund, which was swallowed up by corruption. On a regular basis, we are expected to trust the government with the moulding of the minds of our children through the textbooks and teachers that they control. Ben Carson observed that we have been conditioned to think that politicians are the solutions to our problems when, historically, they are the problem! Are governments trustworthy? What does history teach us? What does the Bible teach us, concerning the legitimate role of government? What books and documentary resources can help us understand the dangers of government and the Biblical limitations that should be restricting government?

“For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King…”

Isaiah 33:22.

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