Racism, Riots and the Role of the Media

In this last week, we have been subjected to mass media 24/7 hyper-focus on a horrifying incident in Minnesota and the wide spread protests, riots and looting that followed. Apparently devastating riots and widespread looting have been reported in 145 cities and towns in the Unites States of America alone, in the last week. Is this really spontaneous? Or is there evidence of orchestration behind the scenes? What role does the mass media play in fanning the flames and pouring fuel on the fire of popular discontent? What causes police brutality? Why does the mass media select certain incidents and ignore so many others which are frequently even worse? What are the dangers of Trial by Media? What is behind the popular mass-media narrative of victimisation? How can we know whether what we are being told is true, partially true, or completely false? What sources are reliable? What sources are suspect? What does the Bible teach on these matters? What can we practically do to bring understanding, healing, grace and justice into this situation?

“Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.”

Psalm 55:11

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