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Essentials for Education Recent surveys in the USA report that 40% of parents with school aged children are now considering home education. This is no...View Details

When Disaster Struck! - African Penguin Rescue 20 Years ago, on 23 June, 2000, the Chinese bulk ore carrier MV Treasure sank off the coast of South Af...View Details

The Untold Story Behind the Soweto Riots 16 June 1976Tomorrow, 16 June, is a Public Holiday, Youth Day, in honour of the Soweto youth Uprising of 16 J...View Details

Is Black Lives Matter a New Religious Cult? Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been in the forefront of the violent riots causing colossal devastation...View Details

Racism, Riots and the Role of the Media In this last week, we have been subjected to mass media 24/7 hyper-focus on a horrifying incident in Minnesota...View Details

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