From the Frontline: Great Commission Course Testimonies Hear first-hand testimonies from Great Commission Course participants of evangelism encounters...View Details

From the Frontline: Confronting New Challenges As Frontline Fellowship looks back over 40 years in the field, what are some of the lessons that we nee...View Details

From the Frontline: Dedication and Courage “Only let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel of Christ… stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving ...View Details

From the Frontline: Faith and Firearms - The Biblical, Historical and Practical Basis for Self-defence How should Christians respond to tragic stories...View Details

From the Frontline: The Power of Pentecost This Sunday, 5 June is Pentecost Sunday. How important is it to observe a Christian calendar? What is the s...View Details

As I have just returned from Missions to Mpumalanga and KwaZulu there is much to report back on. What is the situation on the ground? What are the nee...View Details

From the Frontline: We are at War Civilisation is in crisis. We are engulfed in war. What are the conflicts that confront us? Where are the battlefiel...View Details

From the Frontline: SUCCESSFUL SECESSIONS and the FIGHT for FREEDOM The campaign for the independence of the Cape has been much in the news recently a...View Details

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