From the Frontline: Learning from the Holocaust in Rwanda This week Hunter and I discuss how the people of Rwanda soberly reflect on the holocaust whi...View Details

From the Frontline: The Centrality of the Cross This week, Hunter and I will discuss the Centrality of the Cross. When the Apostle Paul summarised the...View Details

From the Frontline: Back to the Bible Mission This week, Daniel interviews Alieske and I concerning our recent mission to Mpumalanga and Back to the B...View Details

From the Frontline: The Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture Daniel, Ndumiso, and Hunter discuss the importance of having a theology deeply rooted in ...View Details

From the Frontline-Episode 159-A Heart that Longs for the Living God Today’s podcast Daniel and Hunter will be opening up Habakkuk 3 and discussing th...View Details

From the Frontline: The Importance of the Great Commission This week, Daniel and I discuss the importance of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Ch...View Details

From the Frontline: Freedom of Conscience This week we will be discussing the importance of freedom of conscience. This year marks the 500th anniversa...View Details

From the Frontline: Habakkuk – Waiting on a Just God This week we will turn our attention to the prophet Habakkuk. What was his message? What is its r...View Details

From the Frontline: Nuba Mountains Medical Mission By God’s grace the Medical Mission to the Nuba Mountains has been successful. What was the goal of ...View Details

From the Frontline: To Vax or Not to Vax, That is the Question? Many have asked for a balanced and Biblical response to the issue of mandatory vaccina...View Details

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