Oceans of Opportunity Calvin and I will discuss the recent visit of the Russian Federation Navy Battle Cruiser Marshall Ustinov in Table Bay Harbour a...View Details

Why Home Education is Superior to State Schooling Emma Vaughan-Jones and I discuss our experiences of how home education is the most effective, inexpe...View Details

Why Do Most Schools Not Work? Me and my son, Calvin Hammond, will be discussing what is wrong with education today. In what ways do schools today actu...View Details

The Seven Year Jericho Prayer March Project and the Fall of the Wall November 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the Iron Curtain an...View Details

Serving the Persecuted Over 400 million Christians live under 67 governments, which severely restrict religious freedom and persecute believers. Every...View Details

Halloween or Reformation? What are the roots and fruit of Halloween? Is Halloween nothing more than “a harmless festival that allows kids to collect...View Details

The Urgent Need for Reformation Today With many Christians in defeat and retreat, we are facing a resurgent paganism, pervasive perversion and an aggr...View Details

Urgent Prayer and Action for the Persecuted The invasion, this last week, by the Turkish Army of Northern Syria has led to a dreadful increase of pers...View Details

The Fight for Life This weekend, we participated in the Western Cape Alliance for Life Conference on Saturday and on Sunday, we hosted the Life Chain....View Details

70 Years of Communism in China Today, 1 October 2019, marks 70 years since the Communist Party seized power in China. What is the true legacy of Commu...View Details

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